Justin Bieber, the “king of pop”, keeps releasing the same old boring generic songs. Looks like the pop singer is not even trying to be artistic.

Justin Bieber’s new era is just horrible. The pop singer is not even trying to make good music. “Yummy”, the lead single from his upcoming album, contains terrible lyrics with his auto-tuned voice. It’s hard to accept that Justin is releasing this kind of music because his last album “Purpose” was a damn good record. His purpose era really made him a true big popstar. He crossed limits with “Purpose”. The lyrics were f**king amazing on‌ “Purpose”. I still can’t believe Justin Bieber is the person who released “Yummy”. The GP agrees with us. He should have scrapped this song but yet he’s shoving “Yummy” down our throat. It’s a horrible song with terrible lyrics.

Recently, Justin Bieber released a new song, “Intentions” with Quavo. I was really looking forward to hear another song from Justin because I thought that he would have learned his lesson and he would actually release some good music. I was wrong. “Intentions” is very bad. The “Sorry” singer is really trying hard to get a hit by using the same generic beats.‌ “Intentions” is a horribly written song. The song makes no sense at all.

Let’s hope his new album has good songs.

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