On “Rare” we see Selena very happy. The album consists of same instrumentals in most songs, it’s lyrically a dull album and vocally it’s not something extraordinary.

4 years ago, Selena Gomez released “Revival”. My jaw dropped when I first heard her say “I dive into the future, But I’m blinded by the sun, I’m reborn in every moment, So who knows what I’ll become”. Wow! like that’s how you start an album. Selena Gomez really became a true pop artist with “Revival”. I was very eager to see what Selena had in store for us with her new album.

“Rare” was just bad. The album consists of rejects from other artists which doesn’t suit her voice at all. “Rare”, the album track is lyrically very bad. Her voice doesn’t suit that song. The song has a great meaning behind it but lyrically and vocally, it could have been better.

With the help of many songwriters, most songs on her album‌ “Rare” comes off as dull but “Vulnerable” was a good song. Lyrically, it was amazing. I was really trying to see when will Selena do another version of “Perfect” or something like that. I know she’s not in that kind of place to do that song but songs like that really suit her voice. When I first heard “Perfect” I was blown away. Her vocals were on point. Less autotune and lyrically it was amazing.

“Kinda Crazy” sounds like a Revival reject. I don’t know why she added this song on this album. “Fun” sounds like a Stars Dance reject. Don’t get me wrong these songs are well produced but they just don’t fit in this album.

I feel like vocally and lyrically, this album could have been so much better. Selena has so much potential but in this album she comes off as someone who’s just rushing everything.

I’m waiting for Selena to drop another project like “Revival”. That album was just amazing. In her “Revival” era, we were seeing another Britney Spears but in her “Rare” era, we are seeing another Bella Thorne.

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