Selena Gomez Wants to Work With Beyoncé

“It would be so cool if I could work with Beyoncé” – Selena

4 years ago, Selena Gomez released her most successful album “Revival”. While she was promoting her album she was called by Be to do an interview. Be asked Selena a lot of questions related to her album.

Be asked Selena what’s your dream collaboration and Selena answered by saying:

“I would love to work with Drake and it would be very amazing if I could work with Beyoncé”.

She then sarcastically said, “That would never happen”.

Selena also said she wants to learn from artists by collaborating with them.

Selena has worked with many artists in her career. Every song Selena touches, it turns into a hit. Would you want Selena to work with Beyonce? Tell us in the comment section down below

Check out Be’s full interview here:

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