“Perfect” a song so sad yet so beautiful. Selena Gomez truly outdid herself with this one.

People say Selena Gomez needs a lot of autotune to sound better in her songs but her song “Perfect” disagrees. This song is so beautiful. Lyrically, it’s a masterpiece. Who knew Selena Gomez could make a sad song with real emotions?. When you hear the song, you can feel the pain in her voice.

Most of the artists nowadays struggle a lot when it comes to emotions. Pop singers just sing. They don’t have emotion in their voices. Selena Gomez, a girl who doesn’t have strong vocals, still outshines most of the pop girls because she has emotions in her voice.

I just hate Selena for putting this song on the deluxe version of “Revival”. This song deserves to be on the standard version of “Revival”. This song deserves so much more. I feel like Selena needs to do more R&B Songs. These kind of songs really suit her voice.

Stream the song here on YouTube ‌:

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