“Normani”, the girl from fifth harmony, is just not doing that great. Her collabs and songs are just a huge mess but she could be a great cheerleader.

Normani, a “singer” and a dancer. She was the most liked girl in Fifth Harmony. When Fifth Harmony, the famous girl group, came to end everyone had high hopes for Normani. She was set to be the next big popstar but what really happened?

Normani released a couple of songs throughout the years but only 3 of them charted in the US. “Motivation”, Normani’s lead single, peaked at #33 in the US. It was a massive flop whereas her other collabs reached top 10 in the US. Love Lies (with Khalid) peaked at #9 and Dancing With A Stranger‌ (with Sam Smith) Peaked at #7.

I spent a lot of time listening to all of the songs Normani released. The amount of songs she has released are not that impressive. I seriously have high hopes for her debut album but if the debut album is something like “Motivation” then she can keep it. Normani definitely has talent but she’s just not using it properly.

Recently, she released a song with Meghan which also flopped badly. The song was not good at all. I hope she has something different in store for us.

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