Meray Pass Tum Ho’s Last Episode was Just Horrible and Unbearable

The last episode of the famous drama meray pass tum ho was so bad that it even made critics mad. It had a horrible ending. Looks like the drama will be forgotten very easily

In the last episode, people were expecting a bit more. The show is beautifully written and well presented but at the end they just completely ruined the show’s legacy. You might think that this drama will be live in our hearts forever but you guys are actually wrong. It will be forgotten very soon.

Danish died at the end! okay that’s fine but what about Mehwish and Romi. What happens to them? What about Romi’s teacher? All these stories were left behind. The actors showed dull performances. Only Ayeza Khan shined at the end. There was no real emotions in Humayun Saeed’s acting.

The only good part about the drama was Ayeza Khan’s acting. It kept me engaged. I was like “this girl will make this episode better and more enjoyable” and she actually did.

Now let’s talk about the writing. The writing was good but if we compare last episode’s writing to the other episodes then its really bad. The only line people remembered from the show was “es do takay ki larki kay liyay aap mujhay das million day rahay thay?”.

But anyways, the drama ended. It had its good and bad parts.

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