Life is not a typical space movie.It’s a perfect balance between thriller and sci-fi. It’s executed perfectly.

I really got tired of looking for a space movie that I really liked because after watching “Ad Astra”, I gave up. That movie was horrible. Came across this movie called “Life” and I was blown away. It’s not your typical space movie where the person gets stuck in the ship or the ship blows away. It was something different and in a good way.

It’s half gravity and half alien and that’s the good thing about this movie. Every 10 minutes you can expect something happening. They are not just dragging one story all the time but you get some horror feeling and jump scares along the way. I highly recommend you watch this movie. It’s the best space movie after “Gravity” and “The Martian”.

“Life” is currently available on all streaming platforms. It’s also available in Bluray and 4K.

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