Jhooti gave us the same old boring story that we have been seeing in Pakistani dramas for a long time. The‌ marriage themed stories never seem to end but it has its good parts. Iqra Aziz shines in this show.

Ah, a new day, a new drama. I was very bored so I thought I would watch this drama. At first, the drama seemed very weird. The story was not engaging at all but Iqra Aziz kept me engaged. I know for a fact that If any other actress played the role of “Nirma”, it would have ended badly.

Pakistani’s never seem to leave the marriage stories behind. They always wanna tear women down. I don’t know why that’s always the case but anyways. I suggest ARY to take dramas that have a different kind of story. These kind of stories are so boring to watch.

Iqra Aziz played her role very well but it was a little dull. I don’t know about the other actors because only Iqra Aziz was good and enjoyable to watch.


Plot of the Drama – The plot of drama serial Jhooti revolves around Iqra’s character, who is seen as a liar as evident in the teasers and the story is all about jhoot, greed and its after effects – taken from ARY Digital

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