An album that doesn’t deserve to see the light of the day. Justin Bieber, the same person who made “Purpose”, is not being artistic anymore. “Changes” include same instrumentals in most songs, mediocre lyrics and below average vocals.

“Changes” is the fifth studio album by Justin Bieber.

“Changes” talks about being in love. An album that is about being deep in love but after listening his love seems very “fake”. The singer tries too hard to show his love for his wife “Hailey Baldwin”, but it does the opposite for us and for him. The love that justin is showing for his wife seems untrue on this album. The album feels like it’s almost over before it even starts. The songs have the same instrumentals, same beat and mediocre lyrics that says nothing about his love for his wife “Hailey Baldwin”. It was a painful hour listening to this album. After 10 years you might say that Justin has came a long way since that “oh baby, baby, oh” song but no! we are wrong. He’s still there, stuck in that song and that same beat.

Listen to “Changes” over here on Apple Music

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