Is the era of Pakistani Dramas really over before it even started? With dozens of dramas airing , nothing really catches your eye. What’s next? cancelling them maybe?

Pakistani Dramas were the next up thing, at least that’s what I thought but I was wrong. Right now, there’s nothing really going on in the Pakistani drama industry. I started watching some dramas and most of them were cringy, horribly written and they had below average acting. If this continues then no would watch dramas anymore. We would just be watch hollywood movies and TV shows.

Pakistan had many iconic dramas in the past. “Mann Mayal”, a really popular drama serial, was amazing and an engaging show. “Udaar” was a controversial drama which raised a lot of good points. “Meray Pass Tum Ho”, pakistani’s most popular drama serial to date, had amazing performances, superb writing but at the end they completely ruined the whole drama serial. It’s like they didn’t knew what to do so they pulled a horrible ending.

The only drama serial I was eager to watch was “Alif”. “Alif” was a good drama at first but now it’s getting way too boring. It’s like an Indian drama that just keeps on going without any story. In the recent episode, I got bored watching the drama. Well, let’s hope the next episode is good.

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