Alif, the famous Pakistani drama, shows no engaging performances. This episode was so boring maybe we should stop watching this drama?

Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Role is Fading Away

On this Episode, Hamza Ali Abbasi’s character showed very dull performance. He was just walking around the house and saying the same thing over and over again. A side note that he’s the main character of this drama, it’s like he’s fading away.

Sajal Aly Was the Main Star of This Episode

Sajal Aly, on the other hand, kept me engaged. Her scenes were very short but they were so good that I kept watching the drama. She turns very boring scenes into entertaining scenes. That amazed me.

Kubra Khan’s Role Is Also Fading Away

They need to show Kubra Khan’s character in this drama more because as I said it’s like she’s fading away like Hamza Ali Abbasi. She only comes in the drama for 2 minutes. This is not good.

Sadaf Kanwal’s Character: No Comment

Sadaf Kanwal’s character is so irrelevant. That’s what I’ll say about her role.

To be honest the real star of this episode was Sajal Aly. In the next episode, she’ll shine again.

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