Alif Episode 2: Confusing yet Mesmerising Performance

With over 2 stories wrapped in a whole drama, this episode delivers a confusing yet a mesmerising performance.

Another Side of Momina’s ( played by Sajal Ali ) Story:

Momina was in a relationship before. This is very surprising because no one was expecting Momina to be in a relationship. She broke up with him because of her connections to acting and looks like the boy had a problem with that. That’s why they broke up. Momina’s ex-lover ( Osman Khalid Butt ) might be coming back to this drama in the next episode but we will see what happens next.

Momina Hates Acting Because of Her Religion:

When Momina was asked about her acting she said: ” don’t ask I’m ashamed”. The guy then asked her why are you ashamed she said: ” I have to answer my God”. This was so well said. Momina’s character thinks that acting is bad in a religious way. This is a controversial topic so we’re not going to talk about that.

Momin’s Character ( played by Hamza Ali Abbasi ) is Fading Away:

Momin’s character was very confusing and dull. We couldn’t tell in which direction his character was going. He has the main role, but in this episode, he was very dull. We know he’s going to make a good comeback in the next episode. We are waiting!


Sadaf Kanwal’s Character is so Irrelevant

Why is Sadaf Kanwal doing in this drama? She’s literally doing nothing. Her character is just there. Her role is not even engaging.


What’s Coming in Episode 3?

In the next episode, we will see Momina going back to Momin to get a role. This will be very interesting to watch. We are very eager to see what’s going to happen next.

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