Alif Drama Episode 11 Review — Boring and Confusing

This is the third time Alif has showed boring performance. The story is unbearable at this point and the audience will soon lose interest in this drama very soon.

Let’s start with what’s wrong in this drama. First it’s the story, the story is so boring. The story is the main part of a drama. In Alif, the story was good at first but now its getting boring just like what happens in Indian dramas. 

Sajal Ali’s side of story is very interesting, but they are not showing her in the drama. They are taking a huge risk. 

Kubra Khan’s character is very dull. It has nothing interesting in it. Even Ahsan Khan’s character is boring. Their side of story just doesn’t make any sense at this point. They should have brought their story in the first episode of drama, and they should have balanced that with Sajal Ali’s and Hamza’s story. This is how you start a drama when you have multiple stories. 

The only good thing about this drama is Sajal Ali’s and Hamza’s story. They should show their side of story as well otherwise no one will watch it. 

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